Senior Spotlight: The Legend of David (Garcia)

It’s that time of the year. The days are hotter, we’re getting lazier in our classes, and our hearts wrench at the thought of our beloved seniors leaving us to the adult world. This year, OTN is sending off 4 amazing seniors that have dedicated their hearts and souls to our A Cappella in every way possible. To honour their legacy here at UCLA, we are holding a Senior Spotlight for each one of them. Feel free to come out to our concert this Saturday at Ackerman Viewpoint Conference Room at 8pm to properly send them off along with some good music.  The first spotlight goes to one of our ORIGINAL OTN founders, David Garcia!


Minor: Film and TV
Voice Part: Baritone

How long have you been involved with OTN for?
Since the first quarter of my freshman year, Fall 2013. Two other friends and I started the group as Success A Cappella. Things were very shaky our first year but the group as a whole continued to improve after every quarter. Our second year we became an official campus organization and rebranded ourselves as On That Note A Cappella. In our 3rd year, we had an administrative clean up where we began to make necessary changes and took in more new members. We made SIGNIFICANT improvement and growth this year where we held auditions and some VERY talented people made the group even better (which is great because they are taking over now that we are graduating).


What are you planning to do after graduation?
I will take a gap year of work and then I plan to go to Grad school for Psychology to become a mental health therapist. I will still sing somehow some way.

Describe your college experience in a word.
Difficult: I have experienced some of the most difficult times of my life at college. I had plenty of heartbreaks, academic scares, issues with administrators at UCLA, gun scares, anxiety attacks, emotional and psychological breakdowns, and plenty of personal growth which required a lot of time and effort. But that all helped me to grow into the person I am today.

Coolest class you’ve taken at UCLA and why.
Health Psychology: I learned so much about the significance of mental/psychological health and its impact on our physical bodies and susceptibility to infections, diseases, etc. I am more equipped to live a healthier lifestyle and I want to educate those around me to do the same.

If you could create a mandatory course for future seniors, what would it be?
A course in psychology that explains and brings to those who are unaware of the significance of mental health the importance of mental health and how we ALL need to give attention to our mental health and make sure we are healthy psychologically.

What’s one of your most unforgettable OTN memories?
Our first Spring Sing audition during my 3rd year at OTN. We sang Can’t Help Falling in Love and for some reason we just nailed it at the audition and the whole experience was very emotional and magical. It did not even matter that we didn’t end up making it, because what we felt was a strong sense of pride and fulfilment.

Any last words?
Carry on strong and make this group even better every year. Make sure to keep the group full of diverse people and backgrounds and make sure every member believes in themselves as an individual and as part of a team. Help more dreams become realities. This is why OTN was founded and this is why OTN continues to grow.


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