Senior Spotlight: Brithany Sweet Cookie Marbun

OHMAGOD Spring concert is TOMORROW!! Today’s Senior Spotlight goes out to our “alto”tally awesome Brithany Sweet Cookie Marbun! As possibly the sweetest person in the entire universe, Brithany gives a couple thoughts reflecting back on her college experience.
Grad_Jessica Vazquez & Friends-123
Minor: English
Voice Part: Alto

How long have you been involved with OTN for?
2 Quarters (Winter & Spring 2017)

What are you planning to do after graduation?
To prep myself for a PhD Psychology program, I’m hoping to join a few research labs to dive into the many realms of research so I can truly find what I want to specialize in one day. Also kinda hoping to teach English abroad because let’s be real, 17 years of institutionalized education is enough to kill anyone. I want to breathe for a minute, dang!!

Describe your college experience in 3 words!
(1) Change: Your life, yourself, your world. Nothing will be the same. The rigor of school will transform you. The people you meet will teach you things that aren’t possible alone. How you see the world will never be the same, and thus, how you walk in it won’t be either.
(2) Reality: You’ll have to face the truth. It’ll be bad, it’ll be good. It’ll be really really awful and you probably won’t breathe right for awhile. And then it’ll be so so amazingly good, and you’ll feel like you’ll live forever. It’s a wild ride and you’ll be much wiser for it, only if you choose to see with love.
(3) Hope: College is where a lot of darkness is exposed, and sadly, you’ll find it in places you might have thought it would never reach. You might surprise yourself and be the light everyone needs once and awhile. More importantly, you’ll see how wonderful you are, and be your own.

Coolest Class you’ve taken at UCLA and why.
English Composition 3. Kinda basic but I wrote one of the most honest and real and amazing pieces of writing I will ever write in my lifetime because of my professor and his wisdom and wit. Discovered a part of me I never knew existed. Take Professor Reed Wilson to get your brain picked at and well-loved.

If you could create a mandatory course for future seniors, what would it be?
Empathy 101: Loving Yourself and Loving Others

What’s one of your most unforgettable OTN memories?
Um why is this even a question, it’s too hard?? If I gotta pick something… It was Winter Retreat. Lots of craziness, off-pitch singing, and laughs.

Any last words?
Never have I felt so loved, and never have I loved so much. xoxo, until next time loves!


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